Hosting Services

Hosting Services
The MITS Linux Virtual Server provides a complete web hosting solution and is more powerful, scaleable and reliable than it's nearest competitors. With features such as support for Microsoft Active Server Pages, MySQL and FrontPage Extensions the MITS Linux is well equipped to provide quality web hosting services. Built to last and pre-loaded with a suite of powerful software, the MITS Linux Virtual Server is the choice of professionals.
Ease of use without compromising flexibility

All Matrix Linux servers include a powerful, intuitive, web based Control Panel user interface. The web based Control Panel allows you to control all application and system functions for your domain. Absolutely no knowledge of Linux is required.

Here a just some of the things you can do with the Matrix Linux control panel:

  • Easily create new domains and e-mail accounts
  • View vital statistics and information about your server
  • Instantly install features such as FrontPage and SSL

The Matrix Linux comes preloaded with all the features needed to implement enterprise-class web hosting solutions:

  • The Latest version of the Redhat Linux Operating System
  • Apache Web server
  • Fully featured POP3 and SMTP mail server
  • Support for Microsoft Active Server Pages
  • Support for Perl, PHP and CGI scripting
  • MySQL and Postgres SQL installed
  • Microsoft Frontpage Extensions
  • Housed in Host Europe's £10M data centre facility
  • Every MITS Linux Virtual server purchased from MITS is housed in Host Europe's advanced data centre facility and benefits from resilient Internet connections and 24 hour monitoring.

Now with 120 MB Internet bandwidth, websites hosted with MITS fly onto the Internet at lightening speed.

Host Europe's bandwidth comes from three independent suppliers, meaning your website will still be available even if part of our network fails.

Internet Hosting Services

The MITS Virtual server quickly deliver extensible, high performance Web and Mail hosting.

The server comes pre-configured with Apache Web Server to minimize time spent in configuration and maximize time to profit. All sites are required to meet our standard terms and conditions.

The appliance is also pre-configured with Sendmail* Server for flexible deployment.

Virtual Domains

With full support via easy to use web forms for Name-based or IP-based virtual domains for Web, Mail and FTP hosting MITS may also maintain your web presence for you, performing periodic updates as required.

Easy Setup and Management

All critical services are pre-configured. All configurations can be made via a web browser. Standard Microsoft IE and Netscape browser support.

Robust Hardware

The hardware and chassis are designed to last. Fast, genuine Intel ? Processors, integrated Intel ? Pro/100+ Server Ethernet Controllers and high-output disk channels contribute to provide efficient high performance web hosting. Solid industrial strength chassis and housing stand up to the most demanding environment conditions. Hardware is extensible and you can add memory or a second disk drive for additional storage or for data mirroring.

Site Creation

End users can use any tools for Web content creation and any FTP client to transfer content, including Microsoft FrontPage* 2000. Standard Microsoft* IE and Netscape* browser support.

Full Scripting Support

ASP, Perl, PHP, and CGI support allowing web developers full flexibility of development tools for interactive/dynamic content. Configurable on per domain basis.

  • Intel Pentium III processor, 750 MHz, with 256 KB of L2 cache
  • Four 25 angle DIMM sockets with user upgrade up to 1 GB SDRAM
  • User upgradeable to 2 IDE disks or 2 SCSI disks in mirrored or extended volume config
  • Integrated dual Intel Pro/100+ Server Network Adapters