E-Commerce Services

E-commerce Services

Online commerce or e-commerce is a unique way of doing business on the Internet. With e-commerce, companies can now do financial business on the Internet 24 hours a day, all year round.

E-commerce allows you to not only display your product / services on the Internet, but also perform real-time sales online (i.e. financial transactions). In essence you will be able to display your product / services over the Web and offer your customers the ability to place online orders using their credit card.

Unfortunately, few small companies have the capital to allow them to afford the initial design / set-up & the ongoing maintenance of an e-commerce site. MITS has all the necessary resources in place to help make e-commerce a reality for your business.

We are open to discussion on agreements benefiting both parties. MITS has already completed a number of highly successful e-commerce ventures.

Please call us for further details.

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