About Us


MITS is small to medium size business solution providers. We specialize in networking, internet connectivety, e-commerce, software solutions, IT support and networks. We support a wide range of clients including companies with 5 computers and also companies with 500 PCs and servers.

Our specialty includes providing businesses with a complete IT solution including company's own website, networking, internet access and email solution (with company name emails).

MITS supports London and some other UK businesses and is based in central London to be close to majority of our client's offices. Our IT support services are individually designed and built around our client's needs, covering network design & server installations, voice/data communications, email & internet access & security, as well as full hardware and software support.

MITS delivers IT solutions to suit our client?s working practices and provides the level of outsourced IT intelligence to allow them to grow painlessly. Our service is delivered by highly-qualified Microsoft Certified engineers ensuring that the technology your business is using is running effectively and efficiently.